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Official Announcement of Jego App Registration Suspension


Jego, developed by China Mobile International Limited (CMI), is a smartphone application providing IP-based international telecom services. Any overseas mobile users and international roaming customers could enjoy high quality international telecom services with incredibly low rates and great user experience. Jego started trial at the end of January 2013, and it is still in the optimization stage.


Jego targets customers with international communication need, especially those who always connect with people in Mainland China and roaming tariff-sensitive travelers. The core services of Jego are international telecom services. Besides making IDD calls to global fixed lines and mobile phones, Jego provides China mainland and Hong Kong phone numbers. Text messages, picture sharing, voice and video calls are the additional services.


Since Jego is designed for roaming and overseas customers, Jego network and POPs are all located outside of Mainland China. Jego product and system are still in the optimization stage. Therefore, CMI will temporarily suspend further new Jego registrations, Jego to Jego video and voice call will be disabled to customers who registered with Mainland China number and located in Mainland China. These measures will be effective by 22nd June, 2013.


CMI sincerely appreciates the interest and engagement from every customer. We are grateful to every encouragement and judgment customers have given, as well as the support and kind understanding to Jego. During this optimization stage, we will continuously improve the system stability, develop new features and optimize user experiences to meet our customer expectation. We will be pleased to notify customers of Jego official launch.


China Mobile International Limited

22 June, 2013

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